We offer a full spectrum of Project Management Consulting Services to help our clients keep projects on track and see them through to completion. We first evaluate our clients’ organizational goals and assess desired outcomes using our Project Management Effectiveness Measurement approach. This approach allows us to gain valuable information to evaluate the effectiveness of our clients’ current project management situation or to help them develop a plan to achieve desired business outcomes.By taking a customized approach to every project, we help our clients maximize their return on investment. From our audits of existing Project Management Office, Project Plans to the development of Project Management processes for new or emerging businesses, we work closely with you to ensure all Project Management concerns are evaluated against pre-established budget, time of completion, personnel and other metrics to ensure organizational success.

Our strength lies in our ability to tailor Project Management services to meet specific client needs. Unlike many other Project Management consulting firms, our senior partners are engaged in the oversight of each client project, from start to finish.

Please refer below for more details on our consulting service types.

On Demand Project Management

We will manage your individual projects and deliver to you as desired with no hassles.

You have a Project and no Project Managers. Klay PM will solve all your Project Management concerns by taking over your project and managing it for you from initiation to closure while carrying you along through out the lifecycle.

PMO Audit

We help you assess your current Project Management Efforts and bridge identified gaps.

You have a Project Management Office (PMO), but just how well is it functioning relative to Project Management industry standards? When Klay PM audits our clients’ PMOs, we use a customized Project Management Effectiveness Survey to get the information we need to analyze standards, performance and effectiveness relative to best practices in the industry. We then recommend appropriate solutions to help our clients implement disciplined, industry-recognized Project Management practices to achieve their organizational goals and long-term financial results. This audit includes people and processes to drive service execution and delivery consistency.

Hosted Project Management Office

We manage all project factors (People | Process | Constraints) on your behalf.

For businesses that don’t have the resources or time to operate a full Project Management Office (PMO), Klay PM kicks into gear by leveraging more than 20 years of combined experience to develop offsite PMOs by engaging the right people, resources and processes. We do this in alignment with business goals – to achieve desired results. Research shows that about a third of projects fail because of poor planning and poor project management. Let us help you keep your projects away from the failed project list.

PMO Development

Building the Project Management Office.

Some organizations still assign projects to skilled technical resources as against skilled Project Managers and wonder why their projects fail or deliver beyond schedule, over budget with poor quality. Klay PM will work with organizations that do not have Project Management Office (PMO) to identify the best approach to engage actual Project Managers and Project Processes to help reduce loss of money or clients/customers by leveraging Industry specific Project Managers and Processes. This service spans from initial engagement to process development, people engagement and constant, consistent delivery. We will support your organization from PMO infancy to full maturity.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After active engagement and delivery, we’ll continue to provide oversight and support to your organization and its employees until they become self-sufficient and are achieving business goals.